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Your New Furniture Could Be Affecting The Air In Your Home

We all know that the chemicals in the cleaning products we use and the candles we burn have an affect on the quality of the air inside our homes. But would you have ever guessed that your furniture could be the most dangerous culprit?

The vast majority of upholstered and composite wood furniture contain harmful materials that off-gas chemicals into the air we breathe. Toxins such as formaldehyde, flame retardants in foam cushions, glues, fabric stain treatments, and dyes all emit pollutants that can cause short and long-term health concerns.

When shopping for furniture, there are some things you can look for that are less toxic:

  • Look for FSC of SFI certified wood products, made with water-based adhesives.
  • Cushions that are flame-retardant free.
  • Fabrics that meets the Global Organic Textile Standard, which states that at least 70% of fibers are from organic sources and do not contain chemical dyes or other additives.

You can also ask about purchasing a floor model. These models are already unwrapped and have done quite a bit of its off-gassing, or look into buying high-quality, gently-used furniture to limit your risk.

If you are concerned about the indoor air quality of your Panama City, Santa Rosa Beach, or Destin home, call A Superior Air Conditioning at (850) 258-3225.


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