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Your House Isn't Haunted


We all have experienced it, that eerie feeling you get when you walk into a room and feel a drastic temperature change, as if a cold gust of wind came through.

So the good news is….. your house is probably not haunted. What you are experiencing, is more than likely a “cold spot.” Hot and cold spots are simply temperature inconsistencies that generally happen when the home’s HVAC system is not maintaining an even temperature throughout the home.

These inconsistencies, though unpleasant, are a common problem.  But this problem of hot and cold spots can be solved.  And while there is no easy one answer, A Superior Air Conditioning encourages you to call you favorite technician for a home evaluation to help you with possible solutions.

Some of the items your A Superior Air Conditioning professional may look into are:

The size of your air conditioning system

The floor plan of your home

The condition and size of your ductwork

Humidity levels where you live

After considering different variables like the ones described above your air conditioning professional will help you problem solve so you can be comfortable inside your home, whether you are in Panama City, Santa Rosa Beach, Destin or Niceville, we have technicians in your area.

Call A Superior Air Conditioning   today, we have professionals available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 850-258-3225.




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