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What is a Media Filter?

What is a media filter? While there are plenty of types of media filters that filter water for drinking, swimming, aquariums, and other aquatic uses, there are specialized media filters that can filter air. These types of media air filters are slightly different from the regular air filter, and we will discuss their differences.



The standard air filter tends to be smaller than the standard media filter. Air filters are typically about an inch thick, while media filters are typically about four to five inches thick. This increased thickness allows for more surface area in the folds of the filter, and allows for greater air filtration as well as increasing the air quality in your house. Some people have reported it easier to breathe and less sneezing after switching to a media filter.



Although the size may be different, the shape still remains the same. However, although the shape remains the same, the method of installation is different. A lot of air filters are just placed inside the system loosely as the air is taken in, and still allow for some air and dust to seep through the unsecured parts of the filter. A media filter is placed firmly inside the system, often with countermeasures that ensure all air flowing in must pass through the media filter.


Changing Periods

A Superior AC, professionals of indoor air quality, wants to give everyone reading a friendly reminder, if you are using a standard air filter, please do not forget to change it once a month. However, people using media filters only have to change their filters once every three months. Not only do media filters block more dust, allergens, and other pollutants from entering your system, but they also only require attention every three months.



While there are some great benefits from having a media filter instead of an air filter, there are still some downsides as well. For those who have trouble remembering to change their standard filter once a month, changing a media filter once every three months may be just as hard, or even harder to remember. Another downside is that media filter are very thick by nature. While this thickness does act as an amazing barrier for allergens and pollutants, thus bringing fresher and cleaner air to your lungs, it also makes your system work hard to make air pass through such a heavy filter. While you may see an increase on your electricity bill, you can also factor out an air purifier, as your media filter should be able to take its job.


If you’re looking at options to have a media filter instead of an air filter, give us a call and we can help get you on the right path!

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