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Ways You May Be Exhausting Your Heater

Being hot inside your house is never fun when it’s hot outside, so it comes as no surprise that being cold is no fun when it’s cold outside. That’s why we rely on our air conditioners to keep us cool in the heat and our heaters to keep us warm in the cold. The systems, like the one in your house, is on a timer, maybe not one that is seen or known, but it isn’t expected to last forever. While repairs may cost a lot of money and a new system can be very expensive, there are things that you are probably doing right now that is leading to an early demise of your heating system. Here are some things you may be doing to exhaust your heaters longevity.


Not Regularly Changing the Filter

Changing the filter regularly is an important part of the overall well being of any system, particularly your heater in this case. The air filter is the one thing standing in the way and defending your machines from dust and debris that can be harmful to the system, and keeping allergens from circulating your house, thus improving the quality of your indoor air. A big and important job is accomplished by your filter that also pays off by adding to your system’s life expectancy and keeps your air healthy. You should change your filter once a month during cold season and ensure that your system get the cleanest air possible, and doesn’t have to work to hard to get it.


Skipping Your Checkups

A Superior AC, a professional HVAC company Preventative Maintenance service plans , your system should be looked at by a professional on a regular basis, every year at the least or more preferably, twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. For HVACs, this checkup will make sure the system is ready for the season ahead without needing to spend any time uncomfortable. For heaters only, the fall checkup should make sure that the heater is ready to make it through the cold season and the spring check up should make sure it made it through the winter without a hitch and prepare it to be down for the coming summer months.


Running the Heater More Than Needed

While the heater is nice to keep you constantly warm, there is no reason to run it an entire season straight. The best and most efficient way to run a heater is to turn if off completely when no one is home or everyone is asleep. The heater is only effective if someone is home to enjoy it, so if the house is empty during the day, it is best to turn off the heat completely. The heater can also be set to a lower temperature at night so it doesn’t have to work as hard while the members of the household are under blankets. To have the home heated upon arrival back to the house, invest in a programmable thermostat that runs on wifi so that you can program your thermostat from anywhere you have internet!

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