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Way to Save Money on Your Spring Electric Bills

As we are nearing the last cold days of the year and entering into the hot season, there are things you should be taking into consideration to prepare yourself and your air conditioning system. You can run your system efficiently and cheaply, if you know how, but most users will begin the spring and summer by putting a heavy workload onto their system. Here are some ways to reduce the workload on your air conditioner and save some money in the process.


Change the Air Filter

One of the most vital components to your system is the air filter. The air filter is the one thing standing in the way of your air conditioner to the rest of the world. Your filter blocks out harmful allergens from circulating your house and stops dust and debris from entering and harming your system doing damage to your expensive system. With such a big job, it’s important to give your air filter the attention it deserves. Even if you haven’t replaced your air filter since the fall, it is still a good idea to replace it at the beginning of spring in preparation of the season ahead of it. A clean filter also allows for easier air flow into the system, allowing the system to function more efficiently and saving you money on your electric bill.


Open the Windows

On days with moderate temperature, open the windows and turn off your unit altogether. Allow the breeze to come in your house and cross through to another window on the opposite side. Even on days that are hot, you can still open up windows that don’t let sunlight directly in and use curtains and shades on windows that do have sunlight directly coming in. Less use of your system well help it to last longer.


Upgrade To A Programmable Thermostat

While upgrading to a programmable thermostat may seem pricey at first, it will definitely pay itself off and them some, especially for people who forget to turn off their systems when they leave or go to sleep. A programmable thermostat can now link up onto your wireless internet and allow you to program your desired temperature from wherever you have internet. For wireless devices like phones, you can set the thermostat to turn your system on as you leave to have a cool house when you get home. You can also turn off your system right before you fall asleep from the comfort of your bed, and even program it to kick on just before you wake up.


Get A Professional To Look It Over

Nothing beats having a professional look at your system. A Superior AC, professionals in Preventative Maintenance for air conditioners, says that a trained eye can spot existing issues and a really trained eye can spot potential hazards before they become costly repairs. Some professionals even lubricate moving parts with oil to help them run more efficiently. Have your system looked over by a professional and be prepared for the upcoming hot season.

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