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Watch Your Energy Bill Plummet With these Tips

Tips of efficiency are typically always welcome because, who wouldn’t want to save a buck or two? A penny saved is a penny earned, and when you can most efficiently run your air conditioning system, you can see the pennies stack up when your see a decrease in you electric bill every month. Following these tips will not only lower your monthly electric bill, but can also help the longevity of your system, helping ensure you won’t need to replace your system sooner rather than later. Here’s how to save money on your energy bill.


Have the Ceiling Fan Shoulder the Weight

Ceiling fans serve a high purpose in keeping your house cool. The fan, running in a counterclockwise motion, grabs and pushes the air right under it, allows for the “wind chill” effect. When a ceiling fan is running, you can typically set your thermostat four degrees higher than your usual setting and see almost no change in comfort. This change can significantly reduce your energy bill, and with the work decreased from the air conditioner and shouldered by the fan, it also means that your air conditioning system’s lifespan can be a bit longer. Do remember that ceiling fans cool off people, not rooms. Make sure to turn off ceiling fans when no one occupies the room to keep the efficiency up.


Turn Off When You Leave

When you are leaving for the day or for many days at a time, you should go ahead and turn your system off. You do not need to cool your home if no one is there to enjoy it. The more the system is off and not in use, the longer it can survive and the lower your bill will be. Be aware, though, when you get home and turn your system on, make sure you set it to the temperature you deem is “normal.” Turning it to a colder setting immediately will not cool your house faster, and can quickly undermine turning your system off for the time you are away. Newer thermostats can link to your home’s WiFi and can be programmable from anywhere, so you can turn your system off from anywhere if you forgot to before you left, and you can turn it back on before you get home so it is already cool when you get back.


Use Efficient Appliances and Lights

Not only can energy efficient lights and appliances help cut back on your energy bill in and of themselves, but they can also reduce the heat that naturally comes from them. Did you know there are light bulbs that create light with only 10% of the energy they consume? The rest of the energy is expelled as heat, and can heat up your house gradually. While that might not seem like something to note, enough lights being on can significantly heat up your house, and can result in your air conditioner working hard to counteract this heating up.


Maintenance To Last For Years To Come

Of course, switching out your air filter can help you see a decrease in your bills and can help your system last for more years than not, but having your system looked over by a professional will help your system to run more efficiently. With Preventative Maintenance plans, like the one offered by A Superior AC, you can rest assured that your system gets the care it needs to last for many hot seasons to come, and have the efficiency to keep your air conditioning bills down.

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