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Tips On How To Use Your Air Conditioner To Reduce Dust In Your Home

Dust is something every home accumulates and something that everyone gets frustrated trying to get rid of in their living space. Usually, spring cleaning and frequent dusting are the solutions you’d use to clear out allergens, but what if there were a way to clean out more dust than normal without spending a ton of extra money? Luckily, there are cleaning hacks to remove dust from your home with using just your air conditioning system.

To start, it is important to check the condition of your filters. Though many assume that the basic filter that comes with your HVAC system captures most of the dirt, debris, and dust that goes through your home, the truth is that it only catches roughly 10% to 15% of those potential allergens. This is one of the main reasons why it is highly recommended (make that required!) to change your filters every 30 days. If you are looking to take it a step further, you can upgrade your HVAC unit to one of the more advanced system filters on the market today.

Next, get regular maintenance for your AC unit to check for any leaking connectors, evidence of corrosion, or any other issues that could bring further HVAC problems. If anything is leaking, it could bring about more dust than normally would accumulate around your home. You can check those ducts for leaks by being aware of higher than normal seasonal energy bills, areas of your home that don’t seem to cool or heat up like normal, or any hints of dinged up or tangled air ducts in the basement or attic areas. If you see any of these signs of duct problems, be sure to contact a HVAC professional in your area to come and inspect and repair what is needed.

Additionally, a simple, yet effective cleaning hack for your air conditioner is to turn it on while you vacuum, dust, and spring clean your home. As long as the thermostat is on, regardless of cool air blowing, the dust and other debris that is kicked up into the air while you are cleaning is drawn into the air ducts and caught in your air filters. This is beneficial for any kind of filter, but if you want more dust caught, upgrading that filter is definitely something you want to look into!

So, to summarize, by regularly maintaining your air conditioning unit, you can utilize it to capture additional dust and debris from your home while multitasking alongside your cleaning duties. If you find any issues that could lead to more HVAC problems, contact your local HVAC expert technicians and get all your systems in working order before the seasons change!

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