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Top 4 Causes of Foul Smelling HVAC

Everyone wants their  home to smell good and fresh, but if you’re noticing, more often than before, a stronger and more unpleasant odor in your living space, it could be a problem with your HVAC unit and overall system. A Superior AC of Panama City Beach is here to help you to keep your HVAC unit up and running all year long. Below we will talk about the top four causes of a foul smelling HVAC unit and how you can keep your home smelling fresh

1. Poor ventilation that causes a damp and/or moldy odor

If you’ve been noticing a much more prevalent damp or moldy smell around your home, it is time to check your ventilation system inside and out. Luckily the smell can be easily dissipated as long as the unit is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and properly maintained in the future. If you leave your HVAC unit with growing bacteria, it will continue to cause problems like clogging your vents and air filters, causing buildup of mold and mildew to spread throughout your home, and breakdown of materials and leaking parts within your unit. It is much easier on you and your wallet to keep your HVAC unit maintained and free of damp mold and debris than it is to keep fixing and/or replacing your entire unit every time.

2. Faulty condensation coils that causes a burnt smoke smell

If you are smelling a continuous burning or smoldering smell around your home, it could point to a bigger problem with the condensation coils. If they aren’t working properly, it can circulate and get stuck in the ventilation ducts. Also, be extremely wary of lack of maintenance if you are a smoker, have a above average person household, and cook large amounts of foods. All these aromas can stay within your home if you aren’t cleaning your vents and ducts properly as they need specific cleaning techniques to best deodorize the unit.

3. Unchecked/unchanged dirty air filter that causes stale air to circulate odors

Sometimes, you don’t even notice your air becoming stale until you are in a different setting with fresher air. As your HVAC system builds dust, mold and mildew, and other debris, it can cause blockage of your air filters and ultimately breakdown your unit until you need extensive repairs and eventually a replacement. Make sure to check your air filters and ventilation ductwork to ensure the air you and your family breathes is clean, fresh, and free of allergens and other bacteria.

4. Non-usage of heat that causes dust to burn

Ever notice that strong burning smell when you turn on your furnace that first sign of winter? Luckily, that’s usually not a problem as long as the burnt smell doesn’t linger or last every time you use it throughout the wintertime. As long as you keep your HVAC unit maintained and well ventilated, you should have no problems with your HVAC system throughout the winter or any season.

Whether you think one or all of these four areas applies to you or you want to make sure of the signs to prevent them, A Superior Air Conditioning Company is here to make sure all areas of HVAC system maintenance are covered. Let us help you breathe better and stay warm when you need it! Give us a call at (850) 258-3225.

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