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Tips to Stay Cool As A Cucumber this Summer

Call a certified company to do a Preventative Maintenance on your air conditioning equipment.

This will help make sure your equipment gets a full inspection and tighten all electrical components, check amperage to ensure no struggles for indoor/outdoor fan motors as well as compressor. Clean out drain lines, clean evaporator coils and clean condenser coils. Finally check your refrigerant charge to ensure no leaks.

Check your air filters and replace every month. Don’t allow your system to struggle or other issues may arise. Easy to do and why not place in your calendar on your phone for a monthly reminder.

Make sure your condenser unit outside can breathe properly. Do not place anything on top or beside your system. It needs to properly breathe always to remove the heat out of the refrigerant.

Check your thermostat for proper operation. Programmable thermostats will help with operation of your system with comfort when you’re there and saving you money when you’re not. Get a Wi-Fi thermostat so you can schedule with your phone.

Once a year check your duct work if you have access. If your duct work is in an attic, make sure it is a bright silver. This is to reflect the heat away from the air inside the tube or trunk. If you see the insulation, then it is time to replace. Call your HVAC contractor of choice so it can be sealed properly.

If you do not have any help, then please call A Superior Air Conditioning Company 850-258-3225 for more information as well as a free quote or visit www.asuperiorac.com. Have a Blessed day.

Jimmy F. Thorpe

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