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Taking on the Summer Heat

With summer shaping out to be hotter each year, it is important to review safety for you and your air conditioner. Extreme heat is not only uncomfortable but can be highly dangerous to one’s health. Taking proper steps to ensure your safety, as well as proper maintenance on your air conditioner, will help you survive this, and many future long and hot summers.


Remain Hydrated

As simple as this may seem, many people succumb to dehydration every day, even when water is plentiful. You should always be keeping your fluids high, either by drinking periodically or sipping continuously. Drinking more water than normal, along with not waiting until you are thirsty, are two really good practices of hydration to avoid dehydration in the heat.


Check Temperature and Humidity

For most days over the summer, it’s a no brainer. It’s immensely hot outside, and you can tell it’s going to be a scorcher before it even hits eleven in the morning. However, monitoring the heat and humidity can give you a better estimate of just how hot it will be on any given day, and gives you a better perspective of how to plan your day, with avoiding being outside during the hottest part. When the humidity gets high, sweat will not evaporate as quickly, and that means that your body can’t release the heat fast enough to stay cool. Be sure you know what kind of inclimate conditions you may face for an average summer day.


Buddy System

Now here’s two words you: A) haven’t heard since you were a child in summer camp, or B) haven’t heard since summer camp last year. However, these two words forever help the survival of us all. It is important to find a ‘buddy’ for the Buddy System as you can both check on each other and help each other if the worst does happen.


Do’s and Don’t of Appliances (Not A/C)

When using your cooking appliances that accumulate heat, like a stove or an oven, it naturally will heat your house as a byproduct. The heat transferred from cookware to open air is small, however, it is not unnoticeable, causing you and your house to heat up and make your air conditioner work harder. In extreme heat, using a fan as your primary cooling device is not preferred. While they provide temporary relief, after your body produces enough sweat to moderate your internal temperature, the fan will then be blowing blow hot air onto you.


A/C Preparation

Now that we have covered ways to stay safe in the heat, let’s make sure that your primary source of cool air remains working through this hot month. First, if your unit is located outside, pick an area in the shade to put it. Shaded areas always contain cooler air then the unshaded areas. A Superior AC, professionals in Santa Rosa Beach AC Repair, says to clean your air filter regularly, and change it when it is convenient. The air filter makes sure the unit doesn’t ‘breathe’ in any harmful debris, and can become clogged with continued use and dust build-up. Make sure to have a professional look at your system. A professional can see what’s wrong, what could go wrong, and how to fix it. Making sure your air conditioning is in good, working order can make sure that you remain in good, working order!

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