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Staying Warm For the Winter

As we make our approach in the cold months of the year, it’s always great to go over both safety and tips on how heat your home. Sure, making hot chocolate and starting a fire in the fireplace are a great start, but they can’t keep you warm throughout the day and night, nor can they keep the house warm. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll know how to effectively heat your house, and not run up your energy bill doing so.


Avoid the Fireplace on Cold Nights

Most of us love making a fire in our fireplace and huddling around it, but like stated above, it cannot heat the whole house. Also, it is important to open the chimney when starting a fire, and a lot of your heat goes right out the chimney. If you forget to close the chimney vent, you effectively have a hole sucking the heat out of your house. Use your fireplace a luxury, and remember to keep children, pets, and flammables far away from the fireplace.


Close the Windows. Completely.

While this comes off as a no brainer, many of us fail to do this properly. Some windows are found to have leaks, letting the cold air in and pushing the cold air out. There are plastic films that you can utilize to your advantage to help better insulate your house. Also, even if it doesn’t feel like the window is leaking, lock the window anyway. When you lock the window, the lock actually pulls the panes closer together, getting a tighter grip on the interior weather strip, and can even help insulate your window more than you may realize.


Isolate Unused Rooms

Do you have a guest bedroom or bathroom that won’t see activity for some time? A Superior AC, an HVAC Preventative Maintenance Company, say that after you check the windows to make sure they are secure, then close the vents and shut the door. Even putting blocker at the bottom of the door will help air stay in the most used areas of the house and keep the unused rooms from being heated for nobody. The less area your heater has to heat, the better it runs and longer it lasts.


Use Space Heater Wisely

Spaces are awesome because they do what they are named for- heating a specified space. However, there are many guidelines on how to use these most effectively and safely. First of all, it should be placed on a non-flammable surface, and at least three feet in radius from anything flammable, and this area should also be a kid free zone. Power cords should be hidden so that they aren’t tripped over, but more so that the heater isn’t flung onto something flammable. Away from safety, they are called space heaters because they heat only a small space. They should not be used in lieu of your house’s heating system, but they can give it a break when everyone is situated in the same room. Block off all other rooms to trap the heat near the space heater, and shut it off when not in use.

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