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Spring Readiness

With the weather seeing some mild days recently and most of us pulling shorts back out this early in the year, it should be a good time to go over how to prepare your house for spring, but more importantly, how to prepare your air conditioner to “clock in” for its long shift this spring and summer to keep you cool as a cucumber.


Spring Cleaning

There’s nothing that helps a system work efficiently as being clean. On your outside unit, you should spray off and remove any twigs or dead leaves that make have accumulated over the winter and dispose of them. Once the outside unit is clear, move to the inside and clean the air vents. There is some cleaning you should leave to a professional, however. For air duct and dryer vent cleaning, you should call a professional to make sure it is done safely and correctly. The dryer vent, if not properly sealed, can not only get debris lodged inside it, but sometimes small animals will make nests in the dryer vents to use as shelter from the cold. A professional should be able to take care of this and also make sure to improve the air quality of your air ducts by cleaning those properly as well.


Change the Air Filter

It’s always a great idea to change the air filter, as they are relatively inexpensive for a machine they protect, and that is possibly the biggest factor of energy consumption in your house. Changing the air filter not only helps chip away at your power bill, but also helps the longevity of your air conditioner as a whole. Although your air conditioner may not have seen much use during the winter, it still is a good idea to give it a change, especially for longevity of the system’s sake.


Clean All Over

Because the air conditioner’s air filter collects dust and debris when in use, it is a good idea to sweep and dust the house before changing the air filter to help get a lot of that stuff up and out. Also, a good cleaning will greatly help out the quality of air in your house, as well as the quality of air that will be coming through the vents.


Have a Professional Look It Over

During the mild temperatures is a great time to have a professional look over your system. If your system wouldn’t turn on or has difficulty at the beginning of spring, going without an air conditioner in the weather doesn’t seem too difficult. However, in a few months, the heat will rise and it may not be comfortable to go without air conditioning until it gets fixed. A Superior AC, professionals in Santa Rosa Beach AC Repair, says that’s why it’s a good idea to have a professional look over your system as soon as possible to diagnose any current or near future problems your system has or will have. Get your system looked over so you can stay cool as a cucumber during the heat.

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