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Spring is Finally Here, Be Ready For the Hot Season

The first day of Spring is tomorrow, but we’ve already experienced some warm weather this year. Daylight Savings is in effect, and now the days are getting longer and hotter, and will continue to do so until the last half of summer. While you may be planning of outside time or beach time, you don’t want to spend the entire season in the heat, right? Freshen up on some air conditioning maintenance and energy saving tips before things get extremely hot.


Remember to Change Your Thermostat

If you haven’t already, and your thermostat works on a schedule, remember to change your thermostat according to the time change. Also, the start of the season is the best time to do any new installations, especially new thermostats. If anything goes wrong, the temperature is still in a tolerable state until the proper attention to fix it may be available. A smart thermostat is the way to go in this day and age. From alarm clocks you can literally ask questions, to garage doors that open with the touch of a smartphone screen, our lives have become connected with the internet. Your new smart thermostat can be, too. After connecting to your internet, your new thermostat can be programmable from wherever you are, whether or not you are home. This can be extremely useful if you leave home without turning off your air conditioner, because now you can turn it off from wherever you are.


Change Your Air Filters

We can’t stress this enough, and we always like to remind our readers to change their air filters once every month. A clean air filter can do wonders for your home. After a full month of use, an air filter gets clogged with dust and other debris that cause it to actually start to “choke” the air conditioner in the fact that it doesn’t get as much air flowing through due to the debris. The air conditioner will start to work harder for the lack of air flow due to a dirty filter, and will not only cause a rise in your electricity bill, but also wear out your air conditioner fast and cause you to have to buy a newer one sooner. A clean filter also helps remove and thwart any pollutants or allergens circulating throughout your house, thus leading to cleaner and healthier air.


Have Your System Looked Over By A Professional

There’s nothing quite like the trained eye of a professional, and such is the case for the air conditioners as well. To an outsider, an air conditioner is a very complex and intricate machine, let alone a very expensive one, too. A trained professional can spot any present issues, as well as any issues that may arise from your air conditioner. A Superior AC, providers of Preventative Maintenance in Santa Rosa Beach and surrounding areas, says that you should have your system looked over at the start of the season to ensure it runs properly and efficiently all season long.

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