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More Space Heater Safety

A few weeks ago, we went over some tips on how to safely use a space heater. As the weather continues to drop and we expect it to stay there for the next couple months, we would like to reiterate that and add to it, to keep you both warm and safe throughout this cold season. If we can help prevent even just one of the 65,000 house fires that happen every year due to heating equipment, than this article is worth it. Here are some more tips you should know about using a space heater.


Read the Safety and Warning Label

Most space heaters will come with either a label or a pamphlet on how to proper use and operate the heater. Most users get excited and plug the space heater in right away without heeding any of these warning. This can be highly dangerous, and almost all problems that may occur because of not knowing could have been easily avoidable. Make sure to read from things like how the safe amount of time to use the heater, where to safely place it, and any other information that could prove useful and highly beneficial.


Never Leave Your Heater Unattended

If you are going to leave for any amount of time, you should turn the heater off and unplug it completely. Whether you are stepping into another room for a moment or stepping outside, you should make sure the heater is off. Knowing what’s going on at any time is important, whether you smell a burning smell or can visibly see a fire, so that you may act fast. Always know what is going on with your space heater by being present when it is on.


Safe Zone

A Superior AC, an HVAC Preventative Maintenance provider, says that although some heaters will tell you what a safe zone around your heaters should be, a good rule of thumb is a yard (three feet) in radius away from the space heater. This includes anything and everything that is flammable. Although a space heater may go great next to a wall so it is out of the way, things hanging on the wall or drapes could become the victim of a fire. Keep the heater off of the carpet, as the carpet could catch ablaze if the heater falls over. Setting a non flammable barrier around the heater may also prove beneficial, especially for those who have small children or animals that may get too close or knock it over.


Supply Personal Heat Only

A space heater should only be used to provide warmth to persons. It should not be used to heat an empty room, to warm bedding or blankets, to thaw food or pipes, or to dry off anything that is wet.


Plug Your Heater Directly Into the Wall Outlet

You should plug your space heater directly into the wall outlet, and refrain from using any extensions cords, power strips, power converters, outlet multipliers, or anything else that isn’t the wall outlet.

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