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Indoor Air Quality

It’s the most important thing in your home.

Do you suffer from respiratory health ailments or allergies due to poor indoor air quality? Have you seen excessive dust, mold, or humidity in your home? Looking to save on your electric bill in your residential property now and for the lifetime of your A/C system? Odds are that you are more than likely in need of a home energy audit to determine if you are wasting any energy (and money) in your home. A Superior AC Company is ready to help you understand the energy usage in your home, and to prevent future complications with your HVAC unit and other essential home appliances, as well as improve the overall indoor air quality of your home.

air qualityAn assessment of your home’s energy usage can also do wonders for your indoor air quality, such as assist in preventing further mold, humidity, dust, and other allergen particles from circulating throughout your home and causing damage to your HVAC unit. Cutting off the supply route by finding leaks and entrances these pollutants use to circulate your house will great affect the indoor quality of air in you house so you can breathe in cleaner air.

To achieve great indoor air quality, a home energy audit is necessary to find out ways that pollutants are circulating your house. A home energy audit consists of a two part assessment of your home that incorporates an onsite home inspection with infrared thermography, and a virtual assessment of your home with the latest technology software to fully evaluate which areas of your home could need more insulation, or any further infrastructure or appliance repairs.

With the home energy audit, you will be able to improve your indoor air quality, reduce allergens that affect you and your family’s health, and save time and money on future home appliance issues and your electrical bill. Most heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, mainly known as HVAC unit systems, have warranties between 5 years to 10 years depending on which kind you purchase and install.

The blower door test can also help achieve great indoor air quality. The test uses a blower door, a frame that fits in your exterior door frame and pushes air out of the house to reduce interior air pressure, to find out where leaks are allowing outside air into your house. Finding these interior leaks are crucial because this is where outside allergens may be finding their way into your home.

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