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Home Energy Audit in Panama City Beach

Home energy audit services in Panama City Beach

A Superior AC Provides Home Energy Audit To Residents In Panama City Beach and Surrounding Areas

Do you think your electricity bill is too high? That’s because it probably is. Your air conditioner works hard to push conditioned air throughout the house, and some of which may be in vain. Homeowners go to lengths to seal up any leaks they may have that is allowing air to escape the home, but leaks can often be hidden from plain sight. So how do you find these leaks and other ways your appliances in your house are running inefficiently? An assessment of your home’s energy usage can prevent further mold, humidity, dust, and other allergen particles from circulating throughout your home and causing damage to your HVAC unit. A Home Energy Audit is the answer. A Superior AC Company is here to help you understand the energy usage of your home and to prevent future issues with your HVAC unit and other essential home appliances.

Home energy audit services in Panama City Beach

Now, a home energy audit is a two part assessment of your home that consists of an onsite home inspection with infrared thermography and a virtual assessment with the latest technology software to evaluate which areas of your home could need more insulation or any further infrastructure or appliance repairs.


With the home energy audit, you will be able to improve your indoor air quality, reduce allergens that affect you and your family’s health and respiratory systems, and save time and money on future home appliance issues and your electrical bill. This will effectively help locate any leaks in your home that need sealing or further insulation to stop wasting conditioned air and start saving you money. This will also take into account your major appliances’ energy consumption to see if any of your major appliances could also be the culprit to wasted money on a high electric bill.


This home energy audit can help your HVAC unit last for years longer in your home and save you money on your utility bills in the future. It is essential to ensure that your home is up to date on all inspections and maintenance checkups to keep you and your family (and your wallet) happy and comfortable.


A Superior AC is ready to start saving you money by helping you to identify the major energy consuming factors in your house. If you have any questions about our home energy audit services, or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call today! (850) 258-3225