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Blower Door Test

Blower Door Test

A blower door test is a room by room examination that will determine how well the air in your home is filtered through your ventilation system. The blower door is an exterior door fan that lowers the pressure of air inside your home by pulling it out through the fan. A tool called a smoke pencil is used to find leaks of air and then we can resolve any issues with the air filtration system in your home.

Professionals, like A Superior AC, will use blower door tests to see just how airtight your home really is. Homes that are lacking an airtight quality are subject to leaking vital conditioned air, thus resolving in more work for your air conditioner to keep your house cool. The blower door test is important to ensure that your house airtight to avoid larger energy costs due to air leakage, to reduce moisture condensation issues, to reduce possible uncomfortable drafts that may occur due to leak leaking outside, and to help decide how much ventilation may be necessary to assist in making acceptable indoor air quality.


The blower door itself is a forceful fan that mounts inside an exterior door frame, and expels air from the house in order to reduce the pressure inside the house. Since the outside pressure is higher, the pressure then flows back in through all the unsealed opening in your house, helping detect where the leaks are and where focus for sealing and insulation should be. The blower door is a frame and flexible panel that fits right into your exterior door, a fan with variable speed, a pressure gauge that allows a professional to monitor pressures inside and outside the home, and lastly, special equipment like hoses and a manometer to assist in measuring air flow.


Blower doors can come in two types. The calibrated type of blower door is loaded with several gauges that accurately measures the amount of air that is pulled out of the house by use of the blower door. This type is the one that is used by energy auditors because it provides the most information necessary for a successful audit. The other type is the uncalibrated blower door, and its only function is to locate leaks from the house.


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