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Save Money with Preventive Maintenance


Ugh! No one likes that awful smell that comes from the vents when you first turn on your heating system for the year.  In most cases, that smell is indicative of coils that that have collected dusts and need to be cleaned. 

If you want to avoid that awful smell, now would be the perfect time for a little preventive maintenance.  When your coils and vents are cleaned, in addition to eliminating the burning odor, you allow your system to run more efficiently, thus saving you on your energy bill.  

When is the last time your filters were changed and your vents were cleaned?  Something to think about, as the U.S. Department Energy says you can save up to 10 percent on your energy bill by taking good care of your system.

A Superior Air Conditioning offers a variety of maintenance plans to fit your needs and pocketbook. All plans come with a two annual inspections a year, one in the spring, and one in the fall.  Now is the perfect time to schedule your fall inspection so you can have peace of mind when winter comes around.  Don’t delay, call us now at 850-258-3225.

Over time, air conditioning and heating systems age, and like anything else in your home, they require proper care and maintenance. Avoid yourself the headache and the extra expense by being proactive, save money with preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance plans start as little as $195 a year and over time can save you hundreds of dollars in repair and energy costs.


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