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Rekindling your Spark for HVAC

Sometimes, it is really difficult to find the perks and benefits of your job. For most, a job is like a relationship, at the beginning, everything is new and wonderful and you put all you have into it. After a while, it isn’t as “warm and fuzzy” as it once was when you started out. Wouldn’t it be great to find that spark again? Here are some reasons for you to find that spark in your HVAC job.


Technology is Rapidly Growing

Technology gets better and better every day. New things are researched, inventions make their debuts, and current technology gets smarter, faster, and more adaptable. A decade ago, if you wanted to answer your cell phone, chances are you had to flip the screen up to take the call. Now, everything is on one, smooth, touchscreen surface. New thermostat are about the same. A decade ago, our thermostats had a little plastic needle you could point to a temperature to set it at. With thermostats today, they are now typically digital or touchscreen, and some can even be programmed through a smartphone. Technology has made our lives easier, but can also make our work easier, too.


You’re a Hero, Harry

Just when you are giving praise for having a great air conditioner on a day where the temperature is in the nasty triple digits, you hear it shudder and die in the next room over. You call your technician to come take a look, and your house starts to turn into a slow cooker, with you as the main dish. Just when you think you need to open the freezer and try your best to crawl inside, you hear that magical knock on your door. Most people are ecstatic to see you arrive. Some people might be a little frustrated, but wouldn’t you be as well if you were cooking in your house? Once that feeling of cold air starts to hit the room, however, all worries go away. You saved the day, and you are a hero.


Teacher Holidays Can’t Compare

What’s the number one benefit to being a teacher? Getting off for the holidays! But let’s look at those holidays. Summer, where temperatures can be unbearably hot, and winter, where you just want to bundle up in blankets, next to a fire, drinking hot chocolate. As an HVAC technician, the slow times of the year happen when the temperature is around 70 degrees, perfect for any outing fun!


We Help Bring the Productivity to the Workplace

A Superior Air Conditioning Company, professionals servicing the Santa Rosa Beach and Destin areas, say that whether it’s working a lengthy nine-to-five at the office or teaching a classroom full of students of any age, everyone knows that work rarely gets done when you are too busy fanning yourself, sweating profusely, and drinking water just to stay cool without air conditioning. HVAC technicians fix those problems so people can have a more productive work day.


A Jack of All Trades

Even if your name isn’t Jack, you are probably still a person of all trades if you are an HVAC technician. That is because technicians need to work around things like electrical, plumbing, and more. Needing to have an understanding of all trades makes you a smart and valuable technician!

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