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Corrosion Inhibitors

Clamp-On Corrosion Inhibitor

For years, air conditioning manufacturers’ have been plagued with the expensive problem of the aluminum fins deteriorating when the air conditioning unit is installed near the coast. The reason the fins deteriorate so quickly is due to a process called Galvanic Corrosion, or commonly referred to as electrolysis. Galvanic Corrosion occurs whenever you have dissimilar metals, electrical power and electrolyte present. The air conditioning system is made of copper, steel and aluminum. The moist salt air acts as an electrolyte. Since Galvanic Corrosion only damages the softest or weakest metal, which is the aluminum, the aluminum fins begin to deteriorate as soon as the system is started. Thats why we like using corrosion inhibitors.

Corrosion Inhibitor Features:

  • Specialty zinc alloy for enhanced protection of both aluminum and copper components.
  • High surface area design.
  • Higher Mass Design. Up to 2.5 times the weight of competing products.
  • Units can be split and surface mounted to increase application sites for corrosion protection.
  • Easy install….only requires a standard # 2 Philips screw driver.
  • Professional appearance.
  • Corrosion protection for hvac compressor lines, coils and fins.
  • Fights galvanic and formicary corrosion.
  • Can be mounted by the condenser and evaporator coil for added protection.
  • Begins protecting immediately.