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Preparing for the Winter

Although we are currently only in the second week of Autumn and the temperatures are still very warm, it never hurts to prepare for the upcoming cold season about to hit. Preparing for the cold weather now will save your from being uncomfortable in the upcoming months. Here are tips to know now that will get you through the winter.


Test the Heater

Most of us have already enjoyed a day or two of turning off our units altogether and opening the windows to keep cool. However, brisk days can happen at any time and can leavy us chilly in only a matter of hours. The first time you can stand turning the heater on during these mild days, do it. Allowing the heater to run will help safely incinerate the dust that has accumulated on your system and will give you a good idea of the condition of your heater. Let it run a couple cycles so you can tell if you need to have a professional look at it before the cold season is in full swing.


Winter Check Up

Although it was just previously mentioned to call a professional if your heater is having issues, you should call a professional anyway to look over your system. Certain things should be addressed to ensure your systems has no problems lasting the winter, such as vent cleaning, testing for leaks, and oiling moving parts. A Superior AC, a company with a well proven Preventative Maintenance plan, suggests that this should be done seasonally to ensure your system will last for may seasons to come.


Insulation is Key

Keeping the cold air out and warm air in is key to maintaining warm and having inexpensive energy bills. Keeping doors and windows is vital to keep the heat trapped in. To take that an extra step, there are plastic window films that work hard to keep heat trapped in. another big feature that some forget is to close the vent to the fireplace when you do not have an active fire. Closing the vent will stop the hot air from rising out of the chimney and escaping.


Preparing the Unit

Now comes time to prepare your air conditioner to last the winter. It is important to clean any debris off the condenser unit. Use a hose to spray away the summer debris in the autumn, and give it sufficient time to dry before the temperatures hit freezing. The last thing you would want is to wait until it’s too late and possibly have your system freeze over. Another area to pay close attention to is the unit’s coils. The debris that piles up on your coils can cause reduced airflow and cause it to absorb heat.

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