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Preparing for the Fall Weather

For parts of America, fall is a time to turn on the heater and sit by a fire to keep warm. For some, especially in the southern part of the States, it’s merely time to put the beach ball away and start warming the jacuzzi. Wherever you may be, though, these tips on your your home’s HVAC units should prove useful to help you gear your system up for the upcoming seasonal change.

Schedule Your Routine Maintenance

You wouldn’t drive a car on a very long trip knowing that it may not make it, so why put your system in that kind of situation? You should schedule a visit from your trusted HVAC contractor to check both systems, heating and cooling. This step should be done twice a year: right at the beginning of fall and at the beginning of spring. Your technician should examine the heating aspect to make sure that it is okay to run all winter, and the cooling aspect, to make sure it made it through it’s seasonal ‘shift.’ the opposite should be done in the spring: check the heat to make sure it survived its ‘shift’ and the cooling to make sure it will last the season. You should also have a cleaning done as well. Although you can take some minor steps to clean your system, such as cleaning the coils and removing any debris from the outside unit, you should still make sure your system gets cleaned professionally. Fortunately for residents of Northwest Florida, A Superior Air Conditioning Company, professionals in Santa Rosa Beach AC repair, offers Preventative Maintenance plans to make sure your system stays in tip top shape.

Fan Direction Can Make A Huge Difference

When summer is in full bloom, you typically run the fan to help keep cool. Running the fan doesn’t push any air, it pushes air conditioned air that accumulates on the sides of the room, directly down underneath the fan blades. When the days get colder and you find yourself using your heater more and more, you should help cut back on the energy bill by switching your fans to reverse. This effect will draw the room air up, and forces the hot air down and towards the walls, as to avoid giving you a wind chill effect. Proper use of your fans can significantly cut back on how much of your heater and air conditioner you use.

Scheduling Minor Maintenance

There is minor maintenance that you should perform on your system all the time. The most common, of course, is the air filter. Remembering to change the filter once a month is an important part of your unit’s longevity. Without the regular change, the unit would have to work much harder to take in the air it needs to do its job. Also, you should make sure to reprogram your thermostats. Thermostats that run on a particular schedule need to be adjusted for shorter, colder days. Thermostats that are on time schedules also need to check for Daylight Savings, as an hour off can mean huge differences in weather changes.

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