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Prepare Your Air Conditioning Unit For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is right around the corner. Anyone who has lived along Destin and Panama City Beaches knows the importance of preparation in the event of a hurricane. Without it, the strong winds and excessive rain can cause a lot of damage and headache.

When preparing your home for a hurricane it is almost instinct to board your windows, bring in your plants and pets, stock up on water bottles and dry foods, and make sure you have a back up generator. But what about you air conditioning unit?

Remember that just like your other appliances, blowing the circuit is a possibility for you air conditioner. In order to prevent costly repairs, here are a few tips to prepare your air conditioner when a hurricane threatens to make landfall this season:

  1. Turn you AC Unit off from the circuit breaker prior to a severe storm. If you have a window unit, unplug it entirely. Strong storms can cause power surges that may cause fires.
  2. Cover your outdoor unit with a cover or tarp. This will help prevent damages from debris.
  3. Prepare your backup generator. This will help keep your home cool and use other appliances after the storm if you experience a power outage.
  4. Do not immediately turn on your unit after the hurricane. First inspect your outdoor unit to ensure it is in proper working condition.

To make sure your home or business air conditioning unit is ready to take on this hurricane season, give us a call at A Superior Air Conditioning at (850) 258-3225 to schedule an appointment!

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