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How often should you change your heating and cooling filters?

Quite often we’re asked what is one of the most important things that homeowner’s can do to ensure that their AC and heating system keep working year after year. The answer is simple, just remember to change the heating and air conditioning air filter. Replacing the furnace and return air filters is a critical maintenance to your HVAC system, which will keep it performing well all year long, as well as improving your indoor air quality. Did you know that studies have shown that indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental health risks? For most homeowners, changing the air filter is not all that hard; however there are usually two challenges to actually completing this task:

  1. Knowing just how often to change your furnace or air conditioner filter.
  2. Remembering to change air filters when needed

When Should I Change My System’s Air Filters?

Most homeowners will change their air filters just before a new season, when they know that their equipment will be working full time. However, there are a few factors that can help you to determine how often you should change your air filter, here they are:

  • The type of filter your A/C system requires.
  • If you have pets in the home, you may want to consider replacing your air filters more frequently or choosing a type of filter that helps with dander.
  • How many people live in your home?
  • Do you leave your windows open?
  • Does anyone smoke in the home?
  • Where you live (urban/county areas)?
  • General air pollution in your area (construction taking place nearby, freeway, pollen, etc).

Most 1″ – 3″ air filters manufacturers recommend changing them bi-monthly, which is a great rule of thumb. However, this general recommendation may vary depending on some of the factors mentioned above, as well as your allergy tolerance. Meaning, you may need to change your air filter every month in order to improve your indoor air quality. On the other hand, if you’re in a remote area, or have a vacation home, you may replace your air filter a couple of times a year.

Which is the Right Air Filter Type for Me?

Nowadays there are many advances in technology, giving homeowners more choices in energy-efficient equipment and accessories, including a variety of air filters. Here are just a few types of air filters you may be able to use for your HVAC equipment.

  • Economy panel filters – These air filters come in a pack of four or five and are relatively inexpensive, however due to its quality, you may need to replace them monthly.
  • Pleated filters – Pleated air filters can last longer – from three to six months, and are from 10% to 60% more efficient than conventional AC filters.
  • Electrostatic filters – These air filters may cost a little bit more, they are both energy-efficient and cost-effective. Some of these filters can typically be washed and reused.
  • Electronic filters – These filters can get dusty faster than the others, but it can be cleaned and reused.
  • HEPA filters – These are probably the most expensive type of air filters, however they are the most efficient filters.

To conclude, A Superior AC is available to provide air conditioning and heating repair and maintenance to many different types of products and services to suit your needs and budget. To keep your air conditioning system running well it is important to change your HVAC system’s air filter. It will allow your AC system to perform better – saving you money, and it will improve the indoor air quality of your home. For more information about types of air filters and to learn more about our preventative maintenance services, give us a call at (850) 258-3225 or click here.


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