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Money Efficient Ways to Run Your AC

As we are only just getting past the hottest part of the year, the heat will remain with us for a bit of time before it cools off enough to open our windows and turn off the air conditioner. Unfortunately for us, we live in a society that is centralized and focused on money. With money at the focus of our society, wouldn’t you do what it takes to save some, and have it for something you’d like or need? Here are some ways to stop throwing money at your air conditioner and start putting it in the piggy bank.


Air Filters Need to Be Changed

There’s an age old saying, “you gotta spend money to make money.” An air filter needs to be changed once every month to ensure a healthy system. With continued use from your air conditioner, your filter becomes “saturated” with dust and debris, and this saturation causes restricted air flow. When airflow is restricted from your system, it works even harder to try to intake the air that it should be getting but is not. New filters will not only increase the airflow so that your machine doesn’t have to work as hard, but the reduced workload on your machine will give it a better longevity, so it can live longer and won’t be needing to be replaced as quickly.


Programmable Thermostats

Thermostats are becoming about as smart as computer these days. With newer thermostats, you can actually program the on and off times your air conditioner will work. Programming your thermostats to turn off your air conditioning systems when no one’s home, or raising the temperature when everyone is typically asleep, will generally help you to see an amazing decrease in your next energy bill. The most state-of-the-art thermostats can now be programmed and set via smartphone, so no matter where you are, you can turn your air conditioner off if you forget to before you leave, and have it run before you get home so your house is cool.


Thorough Inspection

A Superior AC, professionals servicing Destin AC repair, say that with the air conditioner being the primary thing that touches almost all the air in the house, it can also poison the air with little to no effort. Your unit may release condensation, and that condensation can turn into mold and mildew. When that mold and mildew is on or by your unit, it can very easily get taken into your system and spread throughout your house. A good inspection from a reputable company can inspect your unit and see if it is causing or may cause any health issues. Proper cleaning of your unit may not help your energy bill, but it may also prevent hospital bills as well. Along with a good inspection, you can also have your technician oil any moving parts to help increase efficiency, and lead to a longer lifespan for your unit.

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