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Maintaining your Air Conditioner During Winter

It’s nice to be able to turn off your air conditioning unit during the winter to save money on the electric bill. But did you know it is still important to maintain during these brisk winter months? Showing a little love and affection to your air conditioning unit over the course of the winter is key to having it start up and work normally in the spring. Although keeping up with your equipment during a time you may not need it may seem tedious, having your equipment working come hot days in May without the cost of a pricey repair bill makes it worth the while. Here are some tips that you should do during the winter to keep your air conditioning unit healthy.


Maintain Proper Airflow With New Filters

When summer is in full effect, remembering to change the air filter is easy. You rely on you air conditioner to get you out of the summer heat, so it is easy to remember to change the air filter at regular intervals. When the temperature drops, however, remembering to change the air filter can be hard to do if you don’t mark the calendar, because of how much less you are using and relying on your air conditioner. It still is important to change the filter, regardless, because it still plays a key role in the air quality and comfort of your home. Air filters should be changed once every month for the most beneficial impact, but still at least once every two months if you are using your system periodically.


Changing Your Thermostat For the Season

Your thermostat can be programmed throughout the summer to bring in the savings on your electric bill, by being programmed to higher settings when the house is vacant or everyone is asleep. However, your house won’t need to be cooled during the colder part of winter, so you should reprogram it to fit your needs. Making sure you program your system can also cut back on energy on those brisk but bearable winter days. Turning off your programmed mode and bringing your thermostat back to manual mode will allow you to make changes on the fly, but creating new schedules for your thermostat to fit your schedule is the best way to save on your electric bill and improve the longevity of your system.


Gradually Adjust to Temperature Changes

During winters in Florida, some mornings you will wake up and will want to stay bundled up all day, and others you wouldn’t mind wearing shorts and maybe hitting the beach. Although it’s nice to have really warm days, or even some nights where you’re turning on the fireplace, it is important to gradually adjust your system to these sporadic weather changes. Setting your thermostat to a setting that is very high or low in the opposite temperature then it is outside will not help get your house warmer or colder quicker, but it will make your air conditioner work harder raise your electric bill. A Superior AC, a Santa Rosa Beach AC repair company, says that the best way to adjust is by raising or lowering your thermostat every few hours until comfortable, and use ceiling fans to adjust to the temperature over time.

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