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Loud AC Noises: What Do They Mean?

All air conditioning systems make noise when running. This is because they are large machines with a lot of moving parts. Older units may be louder than newer units because of design improvements over the year. However, if the noise from your AC is louder than usual, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

If you hear a noise from your AC that doesn’t sound normal, you should turn off power to your unit to prevent further damage, and then contact a professional to properly handle the situation.

Some common noises include:

  • Rattling: If you hear rattling noises, it could indicate that debris such as leaves and sticks have fallen into the vents. It could also be an indication that there are loose bolts, screws, and fasteners.
  • Grinding: This noise could be coming from one of the fan motors and usually means that something is wrong, such as worn bearing.
  • Popping: If you hear popping noises when the air cuts on or off, it is most likely an issue with the ductwork.
  • Hissing: This noise could also indicate a problem with ductwork. However, this noise often indicates a refrigerant leak.

The best way to prevent loud noises from your air conditioning unit is to have it inspected regularly!

If you are in need of routine maintenance, or you have been hearing one of these problematic noises, give us a call at (850) 258-3225 to schedule your appointment. A Superior Air Conditioning is here to help homeowners from Panama City Beach all the way to Destin “Stay Cool as a Cucumber!”

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