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Keeping Your House Warm This Holiday Season

The holidays are practically here, and that can be quite expensive! From gift buying to preparing feasts to decorating and more, the holidays can have quite an effect on your wallet. But you can find a way to save big on your electric bill, and the answer is better than keeping your illuminating decorations off. See how you can reduce your electric bill just in time for holidays. Even being in Florida, the Sunshine State, the weather gets quite chilly! We’ve already seen some cold days this year, but they are only just beginning. To stay warm this winter, you’ll run your heater, but there’s ways to do it correctly.


Check Your Weather Stripping

Over time, the weather stripping on your doors begins to deteriorate, becoming less and less effective. If your weather stripping is damaged or not properly mounted, you are probably losing a great amount of heat and therefore, causing your system to work much harder than it needs to. Take a moment to inspect the weather stripping on your doors and make sure you aren’t losing warm air that way.


Seal Your Windows By Locking Them

Have you ever noticed when you lock your windows, you feel a sort of suction force that pulls them together? This increased tightness will allow a better seal and reduce hot air from escaping through the window, and stop cold air from entering.


Effectively Use Curtains

Curtains can help heat your home dramatically when used correctly. Open curtains that allow the sunlight to come in so that the sun’s rays to heat your home. Though this may not seem like much, the sun’s rays can naturally warm the air up in the house. Keep the other curtains that don’t have the sun shining in closed for maximum effect. As the day progresses and the sun moves overhead, change the curtains so they are always allowing the sun to shine in. Once the sun goes down, shut all curtains so that they may provide a layer of insulation for the heat that is is inside the house.


Use A Space Heater

If you will be having all of your guests or household in one area, it may be best to heat the area with a space heater. While there is a whole other guide on how to effectively use these, any strain and work you can take off your primary heater can only do your wallet good.


Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Whether or not your heater worked efficiently and effectively the first few cold days that we’ve seen this season, the earlier you get your Preventative Maintenance in, the more it will pay off for your system, both in use and longevity. A Superior AC, an HVAC Preventative Maintenance provider, says that having your system looked over can only do you good, whether you can rest assured that nothing is wrong, or that any problems can be identified before it becomes a disaster! Save some money this holiday season and make your holidays that much more jolly!

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