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Is Your AC Full Of Hot Air?

Living in Destin, Florida during the summer, a cool home is something to look forward to after being outside for even a minute. But what if your AC isn’t blowing cool air at all?

You should check the supply vents first. Is air coming out of the vents, but it’s just not cold? If this is the case, make sure to check the thermostat fan setting. It should be set to “auto.” The “on” setting causes the AC to blow air even if it ‘s not being cooled. If the fan setting is already on auto, check the air filter. A dirty air filter will block airflow.

If you check the supply vents only to find that the AC isn’t blowing any air, check the thermostat temperature. It should be set at least five degrees below your room temperature and on the “cool” setting. You may also want to check that electricity is going to your air conditioner. If any of the switches are set to “off,” there may be a problem with your air conditioning unit.

After checking the supply vents, thermostat, and air filter, if you can’t determine what is causing your AC to blow hot air it is best to call a professional. There could be an issue with your unit itself or it just needs preventative maintenance.

If you are having trouble with your unit, or you want to keep it running smoothly, preventative maintenance is the best way to add years to your unit! Call A Superior Air Conditioning at (850) 258-3225 to schedule your appointment today!


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