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Infrared Thermography Inspection Services in Panama City Beach

Infrared Thermography Inspection Services in Panama City Beach

Infrared Inspection Services – Thermography and Thermal Imaging in Panama City and Panama City Beach, FL


A Superior Air Conditioning Company offers infrared testing and thermal imaging services to residents in Panama City and Panama City Beach areas.

Infrared is a proven, noninvasive technology that locates defects quickly and effectively. Our inspection services and images show where the problems are, supplying homeowners with the necessary information to assist them to make repair decisions.


We Locate Leaks in Your Heating & Cooling System!

Heat is usually the first sign of failure. Thermal imaging detects these failures in their early stages and allows for preemptive corrective action, saving you money and ensuring that your system works effectively.


Additional benefits of infrared thermography inspection are:

  • Reduce downtime and emergency repairs
  • Reduce man-hours spent on preventive maintenance by pinpointing areas that need repair
  • Extend equipment life
  • Promotes a more efficient preventative maintenance program
  • Locate hot air intake through same areas
  • Home heat loss surveys greatly reduce overall heating and cooling costs
  • And More


How Thermographic Inspections Work

Thermography measures surface temperature levels by using infrared video and still electronic cameras. These tools see light that is in the heat spectrum. Images on the video or film record the temperature variations of the structure’s skin, ranging from white for warm regions to black for cooler areas. The resulting images help the auditor determine whether insulation is required. They also function as a quality assurance tool, to make sure that insulation has actually been installed correctly. For more on how infrared imaging works, take a look at our Energy Saver 101 infographic on home energy audits.

A thermographic inspection is either an interior or exterior survey. The energy auditor chooses which technique would provide the best outcomes under particular climate condition. Interior scans are more typical, due to the fact that warm air getting away from a building does not constantly move through the walls in a straight line. Heat loss discovered in one location of the exterior wall might stem at some other location within the wall. Also, it is more difficult to find temperature differences on the exterior surface of the building during windy weather. Because of this, interior studies are generally more precise since they take advantage of minimized air movement.

Thermographic scans are also typically utilized with a blower door test. The blower door helps overemphasize air leaking through defects in the structure shell. Such air leakages appear as black streaks in the infrared electronic camera’s viewfinder.

For more information on how thermographic inspections work, click here.

A Superior AC service the entire Panama City and Panama City Beach areas. If you have any questions about our thermographic inspections services or assistance with your air conditioning system give us a call! (850) 258-3225