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Important Tips Every HVAC Technician Should Know

HVAC technicians are regarded as heroes because when they arrive at the scene, they are their to make the living atmosphere bearable again. Although the HVAC technician can be regarded as a hero, heroes can often be faced with potential dangers. Here are some of those dangers with tips to take precautions against them when working out in the field.


Safety Comes First

As in all things you do in life, safety should be made a top priority. The air conditioner works hard to rid the air of contaminants, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they eliminate contaminants altogether. The job may force you to be around harmful contaminants like dust and debris, and can easily be inhaled. You should not take the risk of inhaling these contaminants regardless, but when looking at system after system, that can really build up. To avoid this mistake, you should wear protective equipment, like a respirator, so you do not inhale harmful contaminants. Goggles should be worn to keep foreign objects out of and away from your eyes. Gloves should be worn when handling objects with the potential to cut you or when handling unsafe particles.


Take Time To Fully Assess the Situation

After you get your safety gear equipped, time a moment to fully assess the situation around you. Look for potential hazards not only on the system but around the system. Because each job location is entirely unique, it is a good idea to know what you are working with. Although some jobs are tempting to get started quickly to be done quicker, it is highly advised to fully assess the situation before rushing headfirst into what can be a disaster.


Take Time To Check Your Equipment Over

Taking an extra few minutes to look over your equipment is important. Your equipment is a vital part to getting the assigned job, so not having it can be detrimental to your job, or even more so your health. You should not try to perform maintenance without proper working equipment, as it can lead to injury. Always check over your equipment, before and after a job. Replace any faulty equipment so that you can ensure that you can do the next job you are assigned to.


Shortcuts Are Not The Way To the Finish Line

A Superior AC, a professional Santa Rosa Beach AC repair company, agrees that you should never cut corners in any job. Not only is it inconsiderate for the client, it can be dangerous when working with chemicals, electrical currents, and extreme temperatures. When Although skipping a step could save you a few seconds, doing things the right way could save you life and limb.


Be Extra Cautious Around Chemicals

The chemicals that HVAC technicians can be quite dangerous. Although some of your gear, like goggles, gloves, and face mask are designed to help protect against harmful chemicals, taking the extra caution when you are around them could save you a hectic trip to the hospital. Chemicals need to be stored and handled properly, and should never be mixed or placed in containers other than the original containers. Follow the correct warnings and procedures with chemicals so that you can not only protect yourself, but the other around you as well.

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