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HVAC Green Technologies

When you think of green technology, I’m sure your first thought is, ‘what does that actually mean?’ Well, good news is that it is actually simpler than you think. Green technologies are innovations of current conventional forms of utility units that waste less energy and lend more practicality to the way in which the system runs, effectively, when needed. There are many options out there that could help turn your HVAC system into a more efficient and less energy wasting utility. Here we will look into a brief overview of the new innovations and software that have turned your average home appliance into an energy reducing and money saving green machine.

Energy Software

To begin, we will take a look at the software that has brought a new way of manufacturing the HVAC system. There are several systematic software programs that have assisted engineers and architects to build more productive and less wasteful functionality into the new systems. These companies, that include Trane, Energy Gauge, and Building Studio, have shown innovative design and manufacturing in the HVAC industry. The software is used to pre-build, produce, and post-check the new HVAC systems with the most energy utilizing operations available to date. It also helps these companies and their HVAC users to project the overall usage and energy output while the system is in use during the course of its lifetime.

Thermal-Driven and Ice-Powered Air Conditioning

There are two kinds of new air conditioning systems that have been shown to utilize energy and reduce waste while keeping the quality and flow of clean air beyond standard. The first is the thermal air conditioning system, which has been proven to be a valid lower cost replacement to the more traditional AC units that are usually powered by electricity. Thermal driven technology is run by solar power when it begins to diminish in temperature and energy and can be powered by natural gas alternative as well as needed. Chromasum is a leading thermal-driven air conditioning system that was manufactured in the northern Sydney, Australia region. The company utilizes its solar panels to regulate high energy temperatures to produce a double-chill effect, which has been proven to provide higher amounts of cooling without the outrageous electricity bills.

When it comes to the ice-powered air conditioning systems, it has been shown to be beneficial for buildings in certain climate zones and economic areas where the use of conventional air conditioning systems are still in demand. What the ice powered system does is basically freeze about 500 gallons of water in a tank during its overnight recharging stage and allows that to become available for outputting cooling air throughout the day. A company called Ice Energy has manufactured an ice powered A/C unit, the Ice Bear, that allows six to seven hours of continuous cooling and automatically alternates with the conventional A/C unit  to continue the cooling process. Ice Energy has stated it to be “the first product to effectively resolve the loss-less energy issue”.

Hot Water Recirculation

As you know from your own home, hot water is a necessity that ensures you live in a clean, healthy, and comfortable environment. For your HVAC system, heating is an essential piece that can potentially raise your energy usage and your utility bills beyond what you expected. Luckily, the new technologies we have today are a great way to reduce energy usage and utilize green resources. Hot water recirculation is a fairly new way to re-utilize your water usage and lend to a less wasteful utility function. How it works is through the On Command pump which allows both cold and hot water pipelines to recirculate through the cold water pipe and reheat through the water heater system. It can be used all day and at any time once activated underneath any water line, including bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. A U.S. based company called Taco, Inc., has provided information and videos that allows consumers to see the many benefits of utilizing hot water recirculation systems alongside their HVAC units. This innovation can save you time, energy, and money over the course of a year as most homes waste close to 15,000 gallons of water when in need of hot or warm water for their everyday essential activities.

Your HVAC unit doesn’t have to be just another appliance in your home. Let the versatile utility system work for you by saving your energy and wallet from wasting away. ASuperior Air Conditioning Company can help you find the right system change for you as well as perform routine maintenance for your current HVAC situation. Let them work for you too and be stress free when it comes to your heating, ventilation, and cooling needs!

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