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How To Ensure Quality HVAC Installations

When it comes to installations, unless you are currently and expertly practicing maintenance on your own time, you may be thinking of reaching for your phone to call your trusted HVAC technician. It is important to know where to turn when you need an installation done right and ASuperior Air Conditioning Company is here to tell you how to ensure you are getting quality work towards your HVAC installation. There are a few things that will help you learn more about the HVAC installation process and how to determine if you are getting quality work for your home.


Installing Both Indoor and Outdoor

During the installation process, it is important to ensure that when you replace or install a new HVAC appliance, you also replace and install a brand new indoor or outdoor unit as well. This is important to prevent uneven distribution of energy and in/output. The HVAC indoor coils and its outdoor compressor are a hardworking system that relies on one another in order to operate efficiently and with secure warranty. If they are ever installed at different times in their life cycle, the warranty could be voided by the manufacturer and would eventually require a complete overhaul for both the heat pumps and air conditioning system appliances to be replaced.


Make Certain Proper Calibration Is Used on Instruments Used During Installation

This is crucial in the installation and maintenance processes of your HVAC unit. Refrigerant is used to circulate air through the unit’s ducts. Not enough refrigerant or too much coolant can hinder your HVAC unit’s performance and require a much sooner replacement than what was expected in the warranty. Air will not circulate properly and heat will create an unstable give-and-take response within the unit. Have a trusted professional install your HVAC unit and don’t be afraid to require calibrated instruments to prevent future unnecessary issues.


Mathematics Play a Major Role in Calculating Placement/Location of HVAC Unit

For this need, it is recommended to have a certified HVAC contractor calculate, per your home’s specifications, the most accurate placement for the HVAC unit based on the direction your home is facing and the amount of windows and doors you have.  Though you may be thinking it could be an easy feat to just do some math and place your new unit in your home, it takes more training than you realize. There is a calculation found in Manual J that is important to know whether a bigger HVAC unit is best or if smaller efficiency is what you need. A HVAC unit that is bigger is not always better; this could lead to cycles fluctuating on and off more than normal and cause uncomfortable temperatures and high monthly energy bills in your home. This also affects the humidity levels in your home and can wreak havoc on your home in the HVAC unit and your plumbing system.



Now, these are some basic ways to ensure quality HVAC installation, whether you are a trained professional yourself or hire an expert technician to finish the job. ASuperior Air Conditioning Company is available to ensure all of these quality regulations are met and exceeded to provide outstanding customer service and excellent installation services for your HVAC units.


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