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Heater Tips to Keep the Heat in and the High Electric Bill Out

Now that we have seen (probably) the last of summer’s blistering heat, it’s time to look toward our next season, winter, and the chilly weather it will bring. The cold weather may bring out to turning on the heat immediately, but are there better ways to warm your house? Are there better ways to use your heater? Find out by reading the rest of this article!


Setting Your Thermostat to Appropriate Settings

Just like programming your thermostat in the summer, you should program your thermostat to appropriate temperatures at appropriate times. If the house is going to be empty, or if everyone is going to be asleep, you should program your thermostat to a lower setting. Typically 10 to 15 degrees cooler than what your normally set it at during the day can really help put a dent in your electric bill. Also, bundling up by wearing thicker or more layers of clothes while indoors can also allow you to have a lower setting on your heater. Remember, the less you run it or the easier you make it to run, the longer the system will last!


Using Blinds Wisely

Blinds and curtains can be used wisely and effectively. Opening the blinds and curtains on the side of the house that has the sun shining in can make a world of difference for the heat in your house. At night, when the sun goes down, close all blinds and curtains, so that they may act like a layer of insulation for the heat to be trapped in your house.


Avoid Ventilator Fans

Ventilator fans in bathrooms and fans have proven to be useful by removing cooking fumes and humidity post shower. But did you know that they can severely affect the heat in your house? A Superior AC, a Destin AC repair company, says that within just one hour of use, those fans can whisk away almost all of the heat in house that your heater worked so hard to supply. Limiting these fans’ use to only when absolutely necessary will help ensure that you aren’t heating the neighborhood. If remembering to turn them off can prove problematic, installing a timer for the switch may be more efficient to ensure the fan goes off when its job is done.


Using A Space Heater

Space heaters do exactly what their name implies, they heat a space. Although “full house” isn’t what they are designed for heating a small and popular area of the house is something they can exceed at very well. Heating a dining room at dinner or a family or living room during family time can allow you to adjust, or even turn off your heater completely for a while. If you plan on working in a home office space for a while, bringing it in with you can allow you to still keep the main heater off throughout your work day. The best way to use a space heater is to isolate the room from the rest of the house- the less heat the escapes, the warmer you get!

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