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Getting Ready for Autumn at the End of the Week

With the Autumn season less than a week away and steadily approach, the cooler days and chilly nights are approaching even quicker. Autumn is a time of change. We change our clocks back, we change our clothes to better prepare us for the incoming weather, and we store the shaved ice machines and get out the hot chocolate makers. But the most important change of all that we make is changing our air conditioners over to heaters. But how do you prepare your house and system for the upcoming season? Find out here!


Schedule the Proper Maintenance

Both your heater and your air conditioner should be looked at during this time. It is important to have your air conditioner looked over to make sure that it will turn on in the April of next year. It has worked hard all summer to make you you comfortable, you should work hard to make sure it’s longevity stays in effect. Having a professional take it apart and analyze how it is running could mean the difference of having your air conditioner for only a year or two, or for another five to ten. It is important to get your heater looked at as well because you will want to have it for the upcoming cold season. If for some reason your heater doesn’t look like it will make it, it is great to be ready and handle that situation now before the weather drops and you wish you had it! Great maintenance plans, like the Preventative Maintenance plan offered by A Superior AC, a Destin AC Repair specialist company, can ensure that your system lives for many healthy years to come.


Always Check the Air Filters

It never hurts to be constantly reminded to check the air filters. Checking them and replacing them at least once a month is very important to not only the monthly electric bill, but the overall longevity of your air conditioner or heater. When the filter can no longer take in air (or struggles to do so), the system works significantly hard to readjust for the airflow it is missing. This increased work and strain on the system will cause it to lose potential longevity.


Take Some Time Off!

With the air as cool and sustainable as it gets this time of year, one of the best moves you can do for energy efficiency and for the overall efficiency of your system is to just turn it off altogether! Use the cool air to open your windows and let your house breathe. Opening your windows will allow fresh air in and improve the air quality in your house. Using just a ceiling fan will greatly reduce your energy bill. If the air still feels warm to you, just close the blinds on the window but keep the window open, especially on the sides of the house that are shaded from the sun at the time.


Don’t Forget the Thermostat!

A lot of thermostats, especially some older models, can be quite confusing. Pressing the button to change the temperature may change the temperature, or it could accidentally set a schedule. Make sure you fully understand how your thermostat works so that it doesn’t needlessly run throughout this moderate-temperature season. If the mild days, the really warm or really cold days force you to turn your thermostat on, make sure to remember to turn it off when the temperature becomes bearable again. For those who don’t have smart thermostats that can be programmed from anywhere in the world, do remember to turn off your system before leaving the house for the day or for any vacations.

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