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Fall Preparation Tips

As summer comes to a close and we send our students back to school, we often forget the steps we need to take to get our HVACs ready for autumn.Take a moment to read this article so you are ready for the next and upcoming season.


Change Your Clocks and Thermostats

So we all know on Daylight Savings in fall, we fall back an hour to give the daytime more sunlight for daily activities. You remembered to change your clocks in your house back an hour, your wall clocks, watches, oven, microwave, and your computer and smartphones changed themselves. But did you check your thermostat? More often than not, thermostats are set with time parameters and don’t automatically change for daylight savings. Make sure to fix the timing parameters and even change the parameters with the shorter days. On some days, it is even possible to shut off your air conditioner completely and open up the windows.


The Burning Smell When You Turn On the Heater Isn’t Bad

Every year when the temperature drops and you turn on your heater for the first time in seven to nine months, you get that burning smell. But don’t fret, it is quite alright. What you are experiencing is a smell that comes from dust that has settled upon the heating components of your HVAC is being heated and incinerated. This incineration process causes no threat to you or your house, and the smell will go away quickly. The only true issue would be if your heater does not turn on at all.


Ceiling Fans Should Start Going in Full Reverse

A principle everyone should know is that hot air rises and cold air sinks. When we use ceiling fans in the correct direction, it pushes air that has accumulated around the room straight downward. Putting the ceiling in reverse will actually suck up the warm and push it towards the walls, covering the room in heat and making your heater work more efficiently because it is working less.


Changing your Air Filter

By changing your air filter at regular intervals, it is possible to cut down significantly on electric bills. New air filters can also freshen the air by removing allergens. Allergens constantly build up in your current air filter, and makes it become clogged. New filters allow for more allergens to be contained and less airflow restriction on your HVAC unit.


Schedule Your Annual Clean and Check Up

A Superior AC, a professional HVAC company that is now serving Destin for AC Repair, say that if you haven’t done so already this year, you should look into getting your unit looked at, and more importantly, cleaned. The fall is the best time to call for a professional. During the fall season, the weather is bearable to temporarily go without the use of an HVAC, be it air conditioning or heating, and this is a tip many don’t heed. Without popularity surrounding this tip, it should be easy to schedule a convenient and quick appointment with an HVAC professional.

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