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Energy Efficiency At Its Finest

Energy efficiency is such an important thing in the world today. Although in the broadest part of the thought process, the less energy used, the less impact on the environment; but most won’t listen unless it is directly affecting their pockets. Here are some tips to not only save the environment, but save your wallet as well.

Cleaning the Air Filter

This is a tip that can’t be said enough. It’s hard to remember things on a regular basis, even when said thing should be done or remembered every week. Remembering to do something once every quarter can be extraordinarily difficult. But for a good longevity, do remember to mark your calendars when it is time to replace your filter. The best schedule is once every three months to stop dust build-up and prevent restricted airflow. Keeping up to date on your air filter will help efficiency, and you’ll save way more on your electric bill then the typical price for an air filter, and even more so for the longer life expectancy for your unit.

Keep the Air Around Your Thermostat Neutral

Your thermostat sends signals to your air conditioner unit to let it know what it needs to do: cool down, heat up, or keep the current temperature stable. What many don’t know, the thermostat also typically functions as the thermometer, letting the air conditioner know what the current temperature is and if it needs to take action. With the thermostat measuring the temperature, it pulls the data from the air the is centered around it. Having your thermostat in a hot place, like in the sunlight or near the kitchen, will force it to send signals to the air conditioner that the house is warmer than it really is. This will cause your air conditioner to try to battle the heat of something it cannot change, making it work much harder and longer than it needs to.

Sealing Your Attic

A Superior AC, professionals in Santa Rosa Beach AC repair, say that this tip is a secret that most don’t know about. Houses with attic fans can move over a thousand cubic feet per minute. Even the smaller, solar powered attic fans can move over a thousand cubic feet a minute. Large fans can move multiple thousands of cubic feet in a minute. But if your attic doesn’t have enough ventilation, where does the air come from? Most homes in the US don’t have proper attic sealing, and therefore your conditioned air is being sucked out of your home and into your attic, and lastly being pushed out with the attic fan. This unwanted airflow makes your air conditioner work extra hard to keep the house cool, and ends up shortening the life expectancy from your air conditioning unit.

Programming your thermostat.

Most thermostats today can be programmed to a certain temperature at a certain time. Most people see a huge decrease in their electric bill by setting their thermostats to a higher, hotter setting after they have fallen asleep, or while the house is empty because everyone is out for the day. The most advanced thermostats can even be controlled and set by smartphone, ensuring you can set it at the higher setting while no one is home.

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