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How to Effectively Use Your Space Heater

It’s no surprise that even smaller equipment can handle big jobs. Such is the case when needing a heater this winter. House heating systems are amazing, but running one all season long can be expensive and can put a lot of strain on your HVAC, resulting in a lower lifespan. But there is a solution: a smaller heater that uses less power to heat only the space that is going to occupied. While this may seem simple enough, there are tricks to using a space heater effectively this holiday season.


Block Off the Wanted Area

Just like you wouldn’t leave the doors and windows open to heat up the neighborhood, you wouldn’t want to force your space heater to heat up a bigger area than it was designed for. When you can block off the desired area or room, you can easily and quickly heat up the area and use your heater in intervals rather than continuously. This tip works great when you want to heat up just one room, like a bedroom or office. Remember that any openings to your confined space will cause drastic loss of heat, such as a gap under a door or an open vent.


Safety First!

We want to spend a good moment on this because space heaters can be dangerous. One of the biggest tips about space heaters is never leave it on in a room alone with a child. Also, make a “kid-free” zone at least three feet in every direction from the heater so it doesn’t get knocked over. Speaking about getting knocked over, leave all cords above the carpet and never use an extension cord for your heater. Along with the “kid-free” zone, a similar zone three feet in radius from the heater in all directions should be free of anything and everything that is even remotely flammable, like drapes, curtains, furniture, and anything else flammable. When using a space heater over an HVAC, you should install carbon monoxide detectors and test both the carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors once a month. Don’t forget to turn off the heater when leaving it unattended for any amount of time!


Overall on Space Heaters

A Superior AC, professionals in Santa Rosa Beach AC repair, say that space heaters aren’t designed to be your primary source of heat, but they can come in handy in certain occasions. If you live alone, a space heater is very ideal as long as you don’t fall asleep with it on, and you can block off just the area you will be residing in while using it. If you live with others and they don’t use common areas, they may be running the HVAC anyway since they wouldn’t benefit from a space heater where they are. To benefit the most out of your space heater, only use it in small increments and remain bundled up in warm clothes or blankets to help you remain comfortable. Remember that these heaters can be dangerous, so keep a close eye on them!

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