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Common Issues with Air Conditioning Systems

Your air conditioning system is an important part of your home’s comfortable environment. Keeping up with regular maintenance and knowing when to call a HVAC expert to repair your air conditioning unit is key to the longevity of your system. There are many common issues to be on the lookout for when it comes to your HVAC system and here we will go over just a few to get you started.

Electrical Wiring Issues

The first common problem is usually a direct result of faulty installation. Electrical issues can lead to more problems as you continue to regularly use your air conditioning system. You can identify if this is where your system is having problems by looking out for unexpected circuit breaker stops or higher energy bills. Make sure that you hire a licensed professional to install your new HVAC unit in order to prevent hazardous wiring and potential risks of smoking/fire.

Freezing Over

If you find your air conditioning unit air flow becoming more and more restricted and problems with your thermostat, you may have frozen coils. This can be caused by excessive use of temperatures that are way too low for your system to handle on a consistent basis. Checking your refrigerant levels can be beneficial in preventing issues with frozen coils. If it becomes a more constant issue, you need to call an expert to fully inspect or replace your HVAC unit as needed.

Outside Fan Issues

In order to remove heat from inside your home, your outside fan must be working properly. If you find your home feeling a bit more heated than usual, you may have a faulty outside fan. Overheating can cause the air conditioning compressor to overload your system and have permanent internal damage. Make sure to contact an expert as soon as possible if you find your system overheating to prevent fire hazards.

Refrigerant Levels

Your refrigerant levels are key to having a cooler air flow and steady temperature ranges. When your refrigerant levels begin to wane, it could mean that there is a leak within the unit and may need to be replaced. Recharging your HVAC unit too often could mean an even more problematic and underlying issue with the system. You can repair this issue without replacement if you call a licensed expert in before the problem worsens.

System Turns Off

Has your air conditioning system ever turned off unexpectedly? Does it make strange noises when it tries to get cool air flowing? This is a tell-tale sign of a clogged or dirty condenser unit which can lead to a blocked evaporator part. This issue can be solved with regular maintenance to reduce blockage and keep your system clear to run smoothly for you and your family.

Now that you know what to look out for, be sure to continue to take care of your air conditioning unit and contact your local HVAC professional for checkups when your system is experiencing any of these issues. Cleaning any dust, moldy areas, and other debris from any part of your HVAC unit is a simple way to keep your unit running as long and as great as it can.

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