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Breathing New Life Into Your Indoor Air Quality

Staying healthy in this day and age is quite difficult. With the increase in technology making our lives easier, and with smartphones telling us our schedules and people calling us at all hours of the day, staying healthy can be quite a cumbersome task. On top of eating healthy and exercising regularly, the air around us that we breathe should also be healthy, because air pollution can negatively affect our health. Scientists and physicians have indicated that air pollution can not only affect your lungs negatively, but can also be a factor in heart disease, nervous system conditions, low birthweight for infants, and even Type 2 diabetes. Sure, the outdoor air can be difficult to breathe, especially in an area with large smokestacks and otherwise smog above the city, but studies are showing that indoor air quality can sometimes be just as bad as outdoor air pollution.


With knowing that your indoor air can be as harmful as the outside air, how can you fix this? One of the biggest contributing factors is dirty air and furnace filters. A clean filter can effectively filter out allergens and pollutants so they do not circulate in your house. A clean filter can also prevent potentially costly repairs to your systems, which can possibly be saving you money. A new filter should be installed once every 2 months to maintain highest filtering efficiency. A great habit to also try is checking the filter once a month to see how much the filter has accumulated and clean or dispose of the filter as necessary. Dirty filters, especially on a furnace, can be dangerous. A clogged filter can cause your furnace to overheat, and can result in cracking the heat exchanger. A cracked heat exchanger can leak carbon monoxide right into the living space of your home, so it is especially important to take precaution.


Although we mentioned previously that the indoor air can be just as polluted as the outdoor air, that is the reason why you have your air filter. After replacing or cleaning your filter, take some time to turn your system off and open the windows to air out your house. This will allow the stagnant air that has been trapped in your house refresh with new outside air to be circulated through your system, and more importantly, your house.


There are special devices call indoor air purifiers that will help eliminate germs and overall purify the quality of air in your home. This purifier can help eliminate smoke odors, cooking odors, pet odors, trash odors, formaldehyde, paint odors, and much more. A Superior AC, a Destin AC repair company, not only carries air purifiers, but can install them, explain all the features and functions they can do, and explain how to properly and effectively use one in your home.

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