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Benefits of Upgrading Your HVAC System

Have you ever considered upgrading your HVAC system ? Are you worried that the benefits may not outweigh the work? Well, you can rest assured that there are many ways to be sure if or when should update your home’s HVAC unit and how they can help you maintain a healthy home and a thicker wallet. Below you will find just some of the benefits of upgrading your HVAC system for better function and longevity.

Saving Money

Though any kind of upgrade can seem to cost more, by upgrading your HVAC unit to a more efficient system you can actually save money and reduce energy waste. Most older HVAC units have a less than 75% annual fuel utilization efficiency, or AFUE. This is what helps your bottom line energy usage stabilize and run at its most efficient. When you upgrade, your new HVAC system should be at least 90% AFUE for maximum efficiency and better positive environmental impact. This means that, even during those times of higher energy usage, you can stay confident that your system will run smoothly without added strain on the system and your wallet.

Customizable Thermostats

When you upgrade your HVAC system to a newer model, you will find much more convenient ways to handle the system. With newer models, the thermostat can be programmed to control specific areas around your home. You can utilize specific rooms in your home to keep temperatures consistent and save you money, no matter the weather or season. It will be easy to keep track of your energy usage and where your money is going when it comes to your electricity bill.

Extended Warranties

When you invest in a newer and more efficient HVAC system, your warranty will also reflect this kind of investment. Because the lifespan of your newer unit is longer and provides better energy usage throughout your home, your warranty would usually begin at 10 years, depending on the model and rating of your new home appliance, and increase from there. You will find the peace of mind you’ve been searching for in a HVAC system.

Increased Property Value

Whether you move into a new place or are planning to in the next few years, upgrading your HVAC system can still be a highly beneficial way to improve your home and your wallet in the long run. Most new home buyers are looking for better property values and more efficient home appliances than ever before; while home sellers are upgrading to add value to their bottom line before hitting the market. This is definitely a big plus for more modernized homes where families need more options when it comes to flexible temperature controls, better AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), and more savings in the long term.

Longer Lasting System

More than anything, homeowners want appliances that last and work properly without unnecessarily pricey repairs down the road. By upgrading your HVAC system, you can have a longer lasting, more efficient, and less overtly expensive system. Higher efficiency HVAC units have an on/off cycling system that allows for easier maintenance and less repairs down the line. You are even able to control some of the newer systems via your smartphone or computer to reduce usage when you aren’t at home.

So, there you have it! The benefits of upgrading your HVAC system and the convenience it can bring to you and your family’s home life. It’s important to keep regular maintenance on every kind of home appliance and schedule annual inspections to determine continued efficiency. So, what are you waiting for? Take a step forward and keep your family cool this summer with a newer, more efficient, and much more convenient HVAC system!

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