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Beating the Rest of Summer’s Heat

Summer is flying past us at practically light speed, but it’s not over yet! We have only seen what is presumably the hottest day of the year, but we still have a few more months of heat before the year comes to a close. Make sure your AC unit doesn’t tap out in the fight against the rest of the summer heat by following these helpful tips!

Professional Inspection

A Superior AC, AC professionals servicing Destin and Santa Rosa Beach, says it’s always a great idea to have a professional look over your equipment, no matter what day or month or season of the year it is. The eyes of a trained professional can diagnose problems, spot potential future issues, and recommend ways to better maximize your unit’s efficiency. Also, you can have your professional oil moving parts in your system, check and/or clean your ducts, and check your system and your house for leaks.

Work with your Air Filter

Air filters are generally inexpensive, but sometimes you can get away with cleaning your current one. Although you can get some of the dust and debris out of your current filter, cleaning your filter should not replace getting a new one. For maximum efficiency, replace your air filter every three to four months.

Thermostat Placement

Make sure your thermostat is in one of the most neutral areas in the house when it comes to placing it. Placing a thermostat close to hot sources, like in view of the sun during the day or close enough to feel heat from the kitchen when cooking, will make your thermostat read the high temperatures from the surrounding atmosphere and signal to your air conditioner to turn on. Because your thermostat is in a hot location, it will have your air conditioner work hard and constantly to balance the temperature of your hot source to the rest of your house.

Close Unused Ducts

The power to cool a house is incredible. However, the less your system has to do, the better. Closing vents in rooms that will not be regularly used, then closing that door off from the rest of the house, can give your air conditioner a break from trying to cool every square footage of your house. Closing ducts in lower areas is a good idea as well, as cool air will fall from higher vents regardless.

Smart Thermostats are the Future of Efficiency

With televisions having remote controls, and now cars do to, why can’t your air conditioner? Sure, it is nice to be able to change the temperature without having to get up, but the efficiency of the smart thermostat is almost unmatched. Wth a properly installed and set up smart thermostat, you can control your thermostat from anywhere. If you forget to change the setting to a higher setting before leaving on vacation or for your daily activities, a smart thermostat allows you to decide the temperature it is set at, to ensure it doesn’t run needlessly all day.

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