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Basic HVAC Maintenance and Energy Savings

Looking to save money on your energy bill, but not sure where to start? Always wondered what people do for their basic HVAC maintenance? Well, you can rest easy that it’s not as daunting as you think. When you learn how to keep your HVAC unit in good condition, you end up saving time, money, and energy in your home. Here are just a few basic HVAC maintenance tips and ways to save on energy in your home.

Home Energy Audit

This is a major way to save on your energy bill after finding and fixing any areas in your home that are preventing your HVAC unit from working at its best. This kind of energy assessment looks for hidden areas in your home that are wasting energy and creating leaks in your ventilation system. This problems is what causes excessive dust, mold, and humidity to form and block proper AC and ventilation from operating correctly. It can become a vicious cycle that ends up costing more and more until a full replacement is needed. A home energy audit can help prevent that by maintaining your current system and preserving the longevity of your HVAC system all while saving you money in your home energy bill.

Change Your Air Filters

Your air filters can be considered one of the first lines of defense to preventing allergens and less than satisfactory indoor air quality from becoming a problem. When you air filters become clogged and full of debris and dust, it makes your HVAC system work harder to compensate for the lack of air flow and increase in air pollutants. This makes the system lag and breakdown over time. By changing your air filters every 30 days, you can keep a consistent air flow and quality in and around your home.

Keep Your Thermostat Programmed

You may have to work around with this one, but keeping a consistent temperature programmed into your thermostat keeps your HVAC system running on a consistent basis with minimal fluctuations in temperature and moisture levels. Now, during the summer and winter months, this is expected to be adjusted but as long as you are paying attention to the temperature gauge and keeping our system at a reasonable temperature, it should operate with little to no issues in the long run. Your thermostat can be programmed to prevent worrying about changing the temperature each time and can consistently save you time, money, and energy.

So, there you have it. Now you know some basic HVAC unit maintenance tips and how they can save you energy around your household. If you would like to learn more about ways to improve your indoor air quality and save on your electrical bill, be sure to schedule a home energy audit with the A Superior AC experts to find out what your home needs are.

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