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Is Your AC Stopping Your Home Sale?

 Is Your AC Stopping Your Home Sale?

Mortgage Brokers tell homeowners that their homes must be in safe working condition in order to satisfy underwriting requirements.

This means no exposed wires, bad plumbing, leaky roofs or faulty air conditioning and heating systems.  So not only could having an outdated or inefficient system make your home less attractive to future buyers, it could prevent the buyer from getting financing on your home.

MJ Motta, Morgage Originator with Tyndall Mortgage says, “Most loan programs require that the home be in safe, sound and habitable condition at the time of closing. We encourage our customers not to delay repairs, but to take care of them as soon as possible, so they can close the deal.”

It is important to get an inspection of your air conditioning system at least once a year, but it is especially important if you are trying to sell your property.  This is because if there are any issues of concern or areas that need to be repaired, you as a seller, want to know before your prospective buyer does their own inspection.  Not knowing, what lurks behind your system will impact your ability to come up with an accurate sales price for your home.

If you are buying a home, we encourage you, as your Realtor probably will too, to get a full inspection of the home, regardless if you are financing or not.  Recently we had a customer looking at a 1950’s beach house, they loved almost everything about it. Unfortunately, the air conditioning system was very outdated and did not even work in all rooms of the home.  As you can already probably guess, our customer passed on that home.  The sad part is everything ELSE about the home was great, location, decor, backyard, etc, but the outdated air conditioning system killed the deal.

A Superior Air Conditioning works with many area Realtors and their customers from Panama City to Niceville.  If you feel your home needs an inspection of your air conditioning system or you want to inspect a home you are considering purchasing, give us a call at 850-258-3225 or send us an email at info@asuperiorac.com.

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