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A/C frozen? A Superior AC can help!

Air conditioners are an amazing piece of machinery that literally cools the air inside of your house. But with great power, always comes great responsibility. There are many things that can go wrong with your system, but today we will be exploring air conditioners that freeze over.


It may seem odd that a system that deals with heat, and that can even generate heat while in use, can freeze over. But nonetheless, it is possible, and almost quite common. Some of the most common symptoms for your air conditioner freezing over are your house can’t reach the desired thermostat temperature, the upstairs or the highest part of the house is increasingly hot, and some air conditioners will make a strange humming noise that isn’t commonly heard while it is running.


So you think that your air conditioner is freezing over, but how can you tell? You can find one of the supply registers and put your hand over it. If the air coming out feels warm and not cool, you should find the access panel to the evaporator to see if the coils are iced over, or even if the panel itself is iced over.


Okay, So it’s frozen, now what do I do? Unfortunately, the best thing to do at this point is to dethaw your system by turning your air conditioning off for a day. You should take caution to not run it at all, because a frozen coil puts a lot of unneeded strain on the coil, and that fix could be very costly. To ensure your system is off and will not run, you should turn off the breaker that it is connected to. Once the thawing process is underway, do not make any attempt to remove the ice by hand or through heating it. This can cause more damage to the system’s components if a mistake is made, so just let it thaw out at its normal rate.


Now that my frozen air conditioner unfrozen, what is the next step? When you come back to your air conditioner after it has thawed out, you should remove all water that has accumulated from the ice melt. After, there are a few steps you can try to fix it. The first and most common is checking the air filter. If the air filter is dirty, clogged, or discolored, that may be the root of your problems. You should also take this time to remove any debris from the coils that may have accumulated. You can brush this debris away with a soft brush.


Filter’s changed, coils are brushed, and I turn the system back on. A day later, I can’t tell if I’m looking inside my freezer or my air conditioner. Now what? This is when it is a safe bet to call a professional. A Superior AC, professionals in Santa Rosa Beach AC repair, is prepared to take on any more problems the system may have. Two of the leading factors that may be cause your air conditioner to freeze over can be low refrigerant, or a refrigerant leak. Although some home DIY experts can take care of low refrigerant with with a coolant installation kit, novices should not attempt, as there are dangerous, hazardous chemicals involved. A refrigerant leak can be even more dangerous, so it is best to leave it to professionals to ensure safety in the repair person and the equipment when dealing with these hazardous chemicals.


Can I stop this from happening again? There are no guarantees on stopping your refrigerant from getting low to your system leaking refrigerant. You can, however, replace your air filter and clean your coils regularly, and that can help prevent the problem from occurring again.

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