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7 Things Every Homeowner Needs To Know About Wi-Fi Thermostats

If you are a technology buff, then you have probably heard of the Wi-Fi thermostat revolution. Alongside other home innovations like wireless cameras, alarm systems, and tankless water heaters, wifi thermostats are a new way of regulating the temperatures in your home. The HVAC unit is an essential part of your home’s utility system and it is a priority to keep it functioning properly. Here are 7 things every homeowner needs to know about Wi-Fi thermostats:


1. Installing the Wifi Thermostats

Many Wi-fi thermostats may seem foreign to you, but the installation is yet another way the home innovation wizards have set you up for success. Most Wi-fi activated units have an app you can download in one step and assist you and your professional technician in setting up. No need to learn an entirely new system or configure brand new unknown software.


2. C-Wire Not Necessary

Your C-Wire is a common black or blue wire that provides low-voltage power to consistently heat and cool the equipment inside your thermostat. When installing a Wi-Fi thermostat, the C-Wire is not always used as cooling and heating the system is not necessary as it is controlled in a different way. Because most Wi-Fi thermostats don’t require the use of the C-Wire, your wallet can take a breather when it comes to maintaining that portion of your thermostat as well.


3. Pricing and Costs

It usually comes down to the pricing and value added to your home when it comes to integrating new technology into your more conventional appliances. Well, you can rest assured that there is a variety of options for your home to adjust to the new technology in affordable ways for you and your family. The amount of Wi-Fi enabled thermostats available for new and experienced homeowners to find what works best to your needs. The pricing can range from $90 to $350 for a brand new Wi-Fi thermostat, depending on the make, model, and attributes manufactured into its software.


4. Convenience At Its Most Convenient

Wi-Fi thermostats are incredibly convenient in ways you probably don’t realize. These thermostats offer homeowners (and business owners) easy, one-stop ways to adjust temperature, resets, program commands, and even more as you find which one suits you best. Performance and energy utilizing features are a key component in getting the most value and results out of your unit. The simplicity along with the innovative efficiency is used to complement your lifestyle instead of just adding onto it. Remote access is a key feature in how accessible this technology is for even the least technologically savvy homeowners.


5. Complete Control

Have you ever come home to find your thermostat seemingly has a mind of its own? Have you ever forgotten to turn it off when you won’t be home during your day long errands or vacation and sit there wishing you had a way to turn it off while you were away? Well, the Wi-Fi thermostats are controlled by you, wherever you are! It doesn’t matter whether you are in the air on the airlines Wi-Fi signal or on an island resort for a week. You can change the temperature from any remote location with a Wi-Fi connection and ensure you aren’t wasting money or time figuring out how and when to turn your thermostat on and off.


6. Software Updates Increase Longevity of Your Unit

Technology is always changing. In most conventional units, you would need to constantly replace the physical unit itself before changes to your system can be made. With the Wi-Fi thermostats, software updates happen regularly to keep the system and its manufacturer up to date with how well the device and its accompanying apps and features are working for you. This cuts down costs for having a repair service come out every time something could be wrong. The software and its developers are able to increase the longevity of your working Wi-Fi thermostat and keep money in your pocket while they do the heavy lifting (aka product maintenance updates).


7. Alerts and Reminders Keep the Guesswork Off Your Mind

While I’m sure you have unlimited time to keep track of all your maintenance checklists for your household and other obligations, the Wi-Fi thermostats help you to remember when they need maintenance or other programmed occurrences. Alerts for anytime your unit has blacked out or shut off due to unforeseen issues, such as weather blackouts, electrical shortages, etc. are a major benefit instead of wondering exactly what is going on with your system. Reminders can be programmed by you to replace the filter and other necessary occurrences.


In order to truly understand the benefits of a Wi-Fi thermostat, it is recommended to talk to your local HVAC installation company for more information. ASuperior Air Conditioning Company can help you find what you need for your home and what you can afford. The amazing customer service and great variety of home appliance services are waiting to hear from you to learn how to better serve you and your Wi-Fi thermostat.

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