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3 Steps To Make Your Central Air Conditioner Operate More Efficiently

If you are good at DIY (Do-it-yourself) solutions and enjoy fixing up things to get them to work better, there are things you can do to improve the efficiency of your equipment, save money, and improve things around your home.  Some of these are easy, while others require some skill in mechanics or electricity. With summer here, there will be many hot days ahead. So now’s the time to spruce up your air conditioning system. For the really big jobs, you might need a professional. But there are many things you can do to improve your system on your own.

Here are 3 great ways to make your central air conditioner operate more efficiently:

1. Change filters often.

With central heating and air conditioning units, it is important to keep the air ducts flowing freely, and keep them free of any excess dust or dirt build-up. Over time, this build-up can become extreme and often lead to blocking the air conditioner vents.

2. Keep thermostat around 78 degrees.

Many people believe that you should turn your thermostat to 78 degrees when you leave for vacation, but tend to keep it around 74 or lower other times. Remember that your central air unit will kick on any time the temperature falls below the temperature you have set your thermostat on. So, if you set it at 78 and leave it there, rather than moving it up and down to your comfort level, you will have more relative cooling in your entire house, save energy by not overtaxing your air conditioning unit, and avoid having to worry about the thermostat or surprisingly high bills each month. The summer months are usually the highest for most people, because it so hotter and people feel they have to move their thermostat down to 68 or even lower. This will cause your system to overwork itself, and it will result in higher bills. 

3. Schedule routine maintenance checkups.

Finally, there are a few other DIY things you can do to improve the overall health and efficiency of your air conditioner unit, such as (if you are mechanically inclined and feel comfortable with electrical work), you can open up your air conditioner unit and check for problems, such as Freon leaks, wiring problems, or other. But make sure you know what you are doing because this can be very dangerous. Stand-alone air conditioner units carry a very high voltage and you should always make sure the unit is unplugged and that the electricity has been discharged before attempting this. In addition, have a regular maintenance plan which includes inspection by a licensed & trained professional in the heating and air industry, to come check out your unit on a regular basis.

A Superior Air Conditioning Company can tell you what the potential problems are with your unit and offer suggestions in how you can make it run more efficiently. We offer a System Performance Report which is an 82-point inspection that covers your central system. Request service online or call 850-258-3225.

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