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10 Interesting Facts About Heating and Cooling That You May Not Know

Heating and cooling may not seem like a fun subject for discussion, but when diving into the history of them both, you could discover something fascinating that you didn’t know before. Heating and cooling is normally seen just for what they are, heating up and cooling your home. But after you have a closer look at these interesting facts, you might have a new gratitude for both of these systems. Heating and cooling systems have made an impact on the world and still do. Here are just a few interesting facts about heating and cooling, enjoy!

  1. The Romans were the first to use a heating unit. This heater was called a hypocaust. It sent furnace heat through the floorings and walls of the homes of wealthy Romans.
  2. Willis Carrier came up with the concept for the air conditioning unit while working at a publishing company. The heat was causing paper to wrinkle and ink to run.
  3. Raised ceilings and patios prevailed prior to AC was created. These allowed houses and buildings to remain cool thanks to the airflow.
  4. Kids were given summer vacation from school because of the lack of AC, but even when air conditioning came about, schools decided to keep this going. Businesses likewise utilized to close down for two months.
  5. Among the very first buildings to install cooling was the New York Stock Exchange in 1903.
  6. The very first president to experience cooling in the Oval Office was Herbert Hoover. Franklin Roosevelt added air conditioning to the White House bedrooms.
  7. The life expectancy of a furnace can be from 15-40 years depending on the kind of heating system.
  8. The temperature level of your bedroom might affect the quality of your sleep. According with WebMD, it’s best to keep the temperature in between 65 and 72 ° F.
  9. Before air conditioning, blocks of ice were utilized to keep people and food cool.
  10. Speaking of keeping food cold, John Gorrie is called the “Father of Refrigeration”. He was a doctor in Florida, and in 1842 he developed an ice maker to produce cool air for patients.

So, here they are…our top 10 interesting facts about the history of cooling and heating. It shows us how they have actually changed, and improved our lives throughout the years.

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